The 4 Most Intriguing Crystals of Summer 2013 Part 2

Welcome back! Are you as curious as I am excited to share these next two crystals with you? Be prepared to be amazed!

20131227_1543183. A.R.C.rystal or ARC Vogel Crystal

What a beauty. This crystal is perfectly cut to a knife sharp point. It’s tiny, orange, and there seems to be no defect whatsover. This crystal was gifted to me during my travels on a RV named Grace, that literally ran on grace. The man who owned and drove the RV is a Soul Brother of mine. My friend and I caught a ride with him and at some point on the trip he gifted myself and my friend each one of these beauts.

He told us that they were very, very special crystals, and that he felt we would use them well. I had never seen anything like them, as I held it up to the sun looking at the dust-filled hole. The dust is made of approximately 26 different minerals crushed up into fine dust. The dust then fills the hole, capped with gold, so that the vogel amplifies the mineral mixture.

The vogel is cut to vibrate at the same frequency as water which causes a resonant reaction to your body. This reaction allows the crystal and your body to exchange information effortlessly. Vogels are known to be able to transfer geometric patterns to the body in a process called piezoelectric resonance. The transfer of geometric patterns with a Vogel cut crystal allows for the DNA to be altered in our bodies.

On top of all of this, one of the crystal keepers that I met over the summer and I got to talking about this crystal. I wanted more information on it and I was wondering if he had any. He knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned it to him because he had a friend who worked at actually creating these minerals – cutting them and the composition of the mineral dust. There are only two machines in the world that can cut a mineral to the exact dimensions that it must be to even be considered a vogel.

There are also a wide variety of technologies that he mentioned that are being created using vogels. Marcel Vogel is the genius behind this potent crystal, and also the most knowledgeable on it. There is a series of videos on YouTube that he made. 

Another vogel entered my life earlier that summer but I hadn’t thought the two were similar until the end of summer. That vogel was one kept by a powerful priestess. It was unlike anything I had ever read before in my life: the power that emanated from it, the consciousness from which it spoke, the information it contained for her to unlock. These vogels are something else.

ARC Vogel Crystals

yehmingzhu4. Yeh Ming Ju or Yeh Ming Zhu

While I was travelling around I kept running into the same people who were travelling a similar circuit. Throughout the summer, until the last festival I attended I kept hearing about a mysterious crystal called the Yeh Ming Ju (pronounced Yeh Men Jay). I had been hearing about this mysterious crystal all summer, and on top of it all, it apparently glows!

And let me tell you – that last festival was filled with glowing crystals from the rainbow moonstone blue opal on my forehead (long story) to the man who used magic to make crystals glow from the inside out to the yeh ming ju’s.

Finally I approached the man selling them, demanded it really, to see the yeh ming ju, since he was always so busy with the many people that were in and out of the tea house he sold crystals at.

Silently, before all of us, he took out a large wooden box filled with various yeh ming ju of all sizes, shapes and colours. “They come in three colours,” said he. “Blue, green or purple.”

He selected one, and walked over to the lamp lighting the tent. He stood for about thirty seconds with the yeh min ju held up to the light. Then he flicked off the light and the tent fell to darkness as completely as it was dark outside. A chorus of Ooooo’s and Aahhh’s sounded by all in the tent as the mysterious mineral was glowing in his hands.

He turned back on the light and wordlessly passed the mineral to me. Wide-eyed I took it and placed in in my hands. I had to focus hard – normal conversations had returned – I knew it might be a long while before I was able to work with the mineral one on one over an extended period. I closed my eyes and tuned in.

I was walking down a path, the mineral guiding me down a dark tunnel. We went through a doorway with two massive wood doors, and I was welcomed by the Beings that work through this mineral. They didn’t introduce themselves; they just simply asked if I was ready to accept the mineral.

Part of me wanted to say yes but I said no. They asked the question and I could see vines growing around me desiring to bind me with this particular yeh ming ju. I declined the offer, and walked away. The words of another crystal keeper replayed in my head: yeh ming ju’s bond with their keeper just like moldavite does. They are life long companions.

I opened my eyes and my whole body came back alive as I looked at the man who had let me hold the mineral. “How much are they?”

“One hundred and fifty dollars.”

I looked down at the pea sized yeh ming ju with sadness in my heart. It would not be coming home with me today. I gave it back to the crystal keeper and thanked him before bounding out of the tent back into the night.

It was an amazing experience that has left me intrigued beyond belief. I am so excited to share this mineral with others, even though I have yet to work with a piece deeply.

The yeh ming jeh comes from China where legends abound about it. It is a very rare mineral and there are three varieties. Ancient Yeh Ming Jeh which were owned by the royal families of China. There are the counterfeits often sold in the Chinese markets. And there are Modern Yeh Ming Jeh, which was the one that I experienced.

The Modern Yeh Ming Jeh are lab created making them much more available to people worldwide. They contain the same rare earth elements as the Ancient Yeh Ming Jeh and are alchemized in a specific way to recreate the mineral.

Different colours do different things, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot written about them yet. I can’t wait to work with them further!

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